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Effective Humidity Control
Fresh Air Ventilation
Efficient Air Filtration
For the Entire Home

Ultra-Aire provides a full line of whole house ventilating dehumidifiers that provide effective humidity control, fresh ventilation, and high efficiency air filtration. Installed by HVAC professionals to provide the ultimate in comfort and indoor air quality, all Ultra-Aire Dehumidifiers are ENERGY STAR® rated and include superior air filtration.

ultra-aire product family

The industry’s most complete line of whole house
ventilating dehumidifiers and accessories.


The Inside Story On Humidity & Fresh Air

Clear the Air
With Teddy Bear

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Ask This Old House’s Richard Trethewey helps New Orleans homeowners solve high humidity issues in their 1940s-era raised basement home.


Did You Know?

Ultra-Aire Dehumidifiers provide superior indoor air quality through fresh air ventilation and humidity control.

Lowering your AC to dehumidify your home can cause condensation resulting in mold.

Ultra-Aire Dehumidifiers help reduce the risk of serious health issues through filtration, ventilation, and moisture control.

Overcooling your home to control humidity will make you feel uncomfortable and raise your utility bill, and what do you do in spring and fall.