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High humidity can damage your home’s structure and its contents.

Moisture provides a breeding ground for hazardous pests.

High humidity can cause mold in the home, which may not be covered by insurance.

Property Protection

Maintaining proper humidity levels is one of the most important steps in protecting a home and its contents.  Excess moisture in the home can cause damage to wood floors, furniture, artwork, electronics, and even the overall structure of the home. It can also provide a breeding ground for cockroaches, termites, and other damaging pests.

Moisture in the home comes from many sources: people, pets, plants, cooking, washing, ground water, and infiltration of outside air. Dehumidifiers are vital for humidity control, especially in areas where humidity can rise above 50 percent naturally, such as basements, crawlspaces, attics, as well as high humidity regions in the United States. Ultra-Aire Whole House Ventilating Dehumidifiers are installed as part of the home’s heating and cooling system and will properly maintain humidity levels throughout the house, regardless of outside weather conditions, year-round.

About Dehumidification and Your Property

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the ideal relative humidity range for the home is between 35 – 50 percent. At this range, your home is protected.

Pests can be hazardous to you, your family, and your pets. High moisture encourages wood decay making it easy for pests to penetrate and establish colonies, which create infestation.

Mold caused by water from excessive humidity, leaks, condensation, or flooding, is considered maintenance for the property owner, like termite or mildew prevention and is not covered by homeowner property polices, according to Insurance Information Institute.

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Did You Know?

Ultra-Aire dehumidifiers provide superior indoor air quality through fresh air ventilation and humidity control

Lowering your AC to dehumidify your home can cause condensation resulting in mold.

Ultra-Aire dehumidifiers help reduce the risk of serious health issues through filtration, ventilation, and moisture control.

Overcooling your home to control humidity will make you feel uncomfortable and raise your utility bill, and what do you do in spring and fall.