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As the innovators of whole house dehumidifiers we are your expert resource on why you need whole home moisture control and mechanical fresh air ventilation. Have questions about an unique application or installation?  I can guarantee we have seen it!  Whether you are visiting us for the first time or returning to learn more, please join in on the conversations and thank you for stopping by!


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Teddy Bear (AKA – Ken Gehring, President Emeritus of Therma-Stor, LLC) has been involved in the innovation, design, and product management of ventilation and energy conserving devices for the last 38 years. During the last 11 years, Ken has primarily focused on moisture and ventilation research and development for Ultra-Aire. His areas of interest include indoor air quality, energy conservation, and comfort in residential and light commercial structures. Ken has been a part of every Building Science Symposium over the last 18 years and is considered by many as industry icon. Have a question for Teddy Bear? I can promise you he has an answer. Please post here and he will happily answer it. Or you can track him down on the local golf course in WI or FL and get your answers straight from the industry icon himself!

andy-105-150x150Andy Äsk is the engineering and sales consultant in the Southeast Region for Ultra-Aire. He has been an HVAC consultant for the past 30 years. Prior to that he was in HVAC contracting for 20 years, enabling him to temper theoretical engineering with practical applications. The past 20 years he has been devoted to solving humidity problems through the application of Building Science; and diagnosing and solving moisture issues in Southwest Florida houses and commercial buildings.  So what does one do when you are truly passionate about something? You write a book of course! Want to dive deep into air conditioning and moisture control? Pick up H2NØ, Mechanical Systems and Moisture Control.

justinJustin Mundth is one of Ultra-Aire’s technical gurus and very likely the person on the other end of the line when you call us. He has been with Therma-Stor for over nine years and is extremely knowledgeable in all things moisture related – including installations and applications in the residential, commercial, and industrial markets. Justin has completed the American Drying Institute course, attended many Building Science Symposiums in Westford, MA, and has given numerous presentations / trainings on dehumidification. When it comes to understanding psychrometrics – Justin is your man! Besides his love for resolving moisture related issues, Justin is passionate about home brewing craft beer and can be found most weekends at a unique craft brewery near you.

nikkiNikki Krueger is the Industry Manager for Ultra-Aire and has been involved in the indoor air quality industry for over 10 years. You can find her at all the industry trade shows passionately talking shop about applications and installations.  She also conducts most of the on-site training across the country.  Known for her hands-on-approach, it is not uncommon to find her in attics, crawlspaces, and basements on any given day.  Nikki is an active member of the Spray Polyurethane Foam Association, currently serving as vice chair of the building envelope committee, as well as on the certification and safety committees.  She is best known for her stellar performance as co-champion of  ‘Simon Says Psychrometric Chart’ and just wants to thank all her fans and the Energy VanGuard for the challenging role and the opportunity to share her only talent.