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Ultra-Aire 70H

Ultra-Aire 98H

Ultra-Aire 100V

Ultra-Aire XT105H

Ultra-Aire XT155H

Ultra-Aire XT205H

Ultra-Aire SD12

Ask This Old House’s Richard Trethewey helps New Orleans homeowners solve high humidity issues in their 1940s-era raised basement home.

Application Videos

Allergies are a common health hazard connected with elevated levels of indoor humidity. The immune system in our body reacts with allergens around us and develops undesirable symptoms. Dust mites, mold, and mildew are among the most common allergens that cause allergies.

Matt Risinger on Ultra-Aire

Thermodynamics and How an Ultra-Aire Dehumidifier Works

Clearing the Air With Teddy Bear: Video 1

Clearing the Air With Teddy Bear: Video 2