Can Dehumidifiers Grow My HVAC Business?

Yes! Adding whole house ventilating dehumidifiers with superior energy-efficiency and reliability to your product offering can help set you apart from the competition, improve customer comfort and satisfaction, and increase your sales and profitability.

Building Your HVACD Business

There are many ways to build your contracting business, growing both top line sales and bottom line profitability. One way to ensure your company is on the right path is to evaluate your current product offering. Do your products offer real solutions to current and prospective customers that increase overall customer satisfaction and minimize callbacks? If not, Ultra Aire whole house ventilating dehumidifiers might be for you. Controlling indoor humidity with a dedicated dehumidifier, in conjunction with a traditional air handling system, can provide superior year-round comfort for your customers, reduce health risks associated with allergens, mold, and airborne contaminates, and protect the home and its contents. Ultra Aire makes professional products for serious HVAC contractors.

Ultra Aire Can Help You:

Differentiate Your Business
Position yourself as an industry leader in HVAC by offering real solutions with the right products that don’t have you always competing on price.

Be the Expert
Homeowners are looking for solutions to their comfort problems. Knowing how to control moisture with the right products can be a game changer.

Offer the Best
Choose professional products that provide superior energy-efficiency and performance and you’ll never let your customers down.

Get referrals from satisfied customers and position yourself as the best in the market.

Did You Know?

Ultra Aire also offers the industry’s most complete line of Energy Star rated dehumidifiers that complement typical air handling systems and fit virtually every application.

Each unit provides fresh air ventilation, superior MERV 13 filtration, and effective dehumidification for the entire home.

Ultra Aire Whole House Ventilating Dehumidifiers are designed for professional HVAC installation and deliver the ultimate in indoor air quality and comfort.

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