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Ultra-Aire MD33 Engineering Specifications

4 Year Full Warranty

Ultra-Aire MD33

The Ultra-Aire MD33 is the first true in-wall dehumidifier that features a slim profile of only 5 ¾″ deep, allowing it to easily fit inside 2″ x 6″ or through 2″ x 4″ interior stud walls. A mounting kit is available to affix the unit to masonry and CMU block as well.

The Ultra-Aire MD33 is Energy Star® Certified and runs independent of the HVAC system, removing up to 33 pints of water a day. Sized for up to 1,200 square feet, the MD33 is the perfect solution to control moisture in multi-family applications and features a digital RH control behind a tamper-proof cover.

The unit can be hardwired into existing electrical or directly plugged into a 110v outlet with the provided cord. Designed to drain directly into a hub-drain or plumbing line, the MD33 is truly a hands-off dehumidification system.

Home Innovation – NGBS Green Registered

Part Number: 4035900
Blower: 155 CFM @ 0.0″ WG
Power: 324 Watts @ 80°F and 60% RH
120 Volt, hard-wired — electrical can be routed through bottom or out the back of the cabinet
Cord: Optional 10′ cord with plug end
Automatic Restart: Yes
Current Draw: 2.8 Amps
Energy Factor: 2.0 L/kWh
Operating Range: 49°F – 95°F
Sized For: Up to 1,200 Square Feet
Minimum Performance at 80°F and 60% RH
Water Removal: 33 Pints/Day
Efficiency: 4.25 Pints/kWh
Controls: Digital dehumidistat control internally mounted behind tamper-proof cover
Air Filter: ½″ Washable — mounted behind diffuser
Dehumidistat: Digital, tamper-proof, float switch input
Cabinet: Galvanized Steel
Cover: Tamper-proof, access lock-out
Decibels: 46 dBA
Drain Connection: ¾″ O.D.
Drain Hose: 10′ gravity fed (¾″ I.D.) hose, routed through the back, side, or bottom of the unit
Refrigerant Type: R134A
Refrigerant Amount: 10 oz.
Coils: Electrophoretic coated coils — prevents corrosion and extends life of the unit
Utility Connections: Accessible from front for blind installation
Dimensions: Width: 14 316
Height: 30″
Depth: 5 ¾″D
Weight: Unit Weight: 39 lbs.
Shipping Weight: 57 lbs.

2×6 In-Wall

2×4 Through the Wall

2×4 In-Wall Bezel Mount Kit

Surface Mount

Surface Mount Kit (4037766)
The Ultra-Aire Surface Mount Kit can be used to permanently install the Ultra-Aire MD33 In-Wall Dehumidifier to masonry or CMU block when through-the-wall installation is not available.
Download Instructions
2X4 Wall Mounting Bezel Kit (4037767)
The Ultra-Aire 2X4 Wall Mounting Bezel Kit can be used to permanently install the Ultra-Aire MD33 In-Wall Dehumidifier in a 2X4 cavity without having to cut a hole in both sides of the drywall.  The powder-coated metal bezel wraps around the front face of the dehumidifier giving it a completely polished look to blend into any environment.
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2X4 Rear Panel Kit (4037768)
The Ultra-Aire Rear Panel Kit can be used to cover the back of the Ultra-Aire MD33 In-Wall Dehumidifier when installed in a 2X4 cavity to conceal the unit and any gaps that may exist in the drywall.  The powder-coated metal panel gives the back of the dehumidifier a completely polished look to blend into any environment.
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The Inside Story On Humidity & Fresh Air

Did You Know?

Overcooling your home to control humidity will make you feel uncomfortable and raise your utility bill.

Ultra-Aire dehumidifiers help reduce the risk of serious health issues through filtration, ventilation, and moisture control.

Lowering your AC to dehumidify your home can cause condensation resulting in mold.

Ultra-Aire dehumidifiers provide superior indoor air quality through fresh air ventilation and humidity control.

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