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Ultra-Aire Product Family

Product Images

Ultra-Aire 70H

Ultra-Aire 98H

Ultra-Aire 120V

Ultra-Aire 120H

Ultra-Aire XT105H

Ultra-Aire XT155H

Ultra-Aire XT205H

Ultra-Aire SD12

Ultra-Aire MD33

Company Logos

Ultra-Aire Dehumidifiers Logo
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Ultra-Aire Whole House Logo
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Accessory Images

MERV 14 Filter (4022489)
For the Ultra-Aire 120V.

Pump Kit (4022220)
For the Ultra-Aire 70H.

Small Hang Kit (4036695)
For the Ultra-Aire 70H, 98H, and 120H.

Large Hang Kit (4036685)
For the Ultra-Aire XT105H, XT155H, XT205H, and SD12 (indoor unit).

Duct Adaptor (4028399)
For the Ultra-Aire XT105H, XT155H, XT205H, and SD12 (indoor unit).

The Inside Story On Humidity & Fresh Air

Did You Know?

Overcooling your home to control humidity will make you feel uncomfortable and raise your utility bill.

Ultra-Aire dehumidifiers help reduce the risk of serious health issues through filtration, ventilation, and moisture control.

Lowering your AC to dehumidify your home can cause condensation resulting in mold.

Ultra-Aire dehumidifiers provide superior indoor air quality through fresh air ventilation and humidity control.

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