Ultra-Aire Sentry

Sentry Monitoring System

Ultra-Aire Sentry

The Ultra-Aire Sentry is a monitoring system that gives you real-time data about humidity, temperature and water issues in any interior location where indoor air quality problems are suspected, or where conditions need to be closely monitored in order to protect the space and the occupants.

Awareness is the first step in preventing problems the can lead to property damage, poor indoor air quality, and comfort issues. An easy to install monitor is placed in the interior space and connects to the Internet. Retrieve real-time data from the cloud with the App. Connect to your entire customer base and get notifications and alerts if there is ever a problem. Be the first to know if there is a problem, so you can take immediate action.

Easy to Install

Connect the monitor to the Internet and then install in the space to be monitored. Data is transferred to the cloud and can be viewed on one App. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Monitor to Prevent Problems

High humidity in the living space of a home or apartment, including the crawl space, basement and attic can lead to big problems. Monitor these spaces for water, humidity, and temperature, and get notifications and alerts if there is a problem.

Connect Your Entire Customer Base

Whether you’re monitoring one home or one hundred, you can connect your entire customer base. Easily retrieve customer specific data at the push of a button.

Interactive Graphs

Interactive graphs create a report dashboard for each site.

Ultra-Aire Product Family

The industry’s most complete line of whole house ventilating dehumidifiers and accessories.


The Inside Story On Humidity & Fresh Air


Did You Know?

Overcooling your home to control humidity will make you feel uncomfortable and raise your utility bill.

Ultra-Aire dehumidifiers help reduce the risk of serious health issues through filtration, ventilation, and moisture control.

Lowering your AC to dehumidify your home can cause condensation resulting in mold.

Ultra-Aire dehumidifiers provide superior indoor air quality through fresh air ventilation and humidity control.

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